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News Headlines:


Top Gun: Maverick release date pushed back


Fubo TV


CSI: Vegas is being revived at CBS

 per the Hollywood Reporter



Movies releases being rescheduled



First Game of Thrones spinoff prequel set for 2022






Auqaman spinoff in development


Star Trek franchise gets first female director for Star Trek 4



Top Gun 2






Disney updates movie release dates



Sony's 'Unchartered' gets a Director



Warner Bros developing new 'Willy Wonka' movie



Warner Bros and J.K. Rowling expand 'Fantastic Beasts' to 5 movies





Universal Pictures developing 'Gears of War' movie

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Disney holding global search for lead actress in live action 'Mulan' movie; release date set



Disney plans Wreck-It Ralph sequel; Pacific Rim 2 get new release date



Wolverine 3 continues casting for specific characters and parts



We have partnered with Fashionista Modeling for first look acting jobs



Cameron announces 4 Avatar sequels



Disney developing sequel to Jungle Book movie



see the upcoming lineup of Warner Bros' DC comics movies



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Spielberg, Ford team up for 5th 'Indiana Jones' movie



Blade Runner sequel release date



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Transformers' movie release dates



Disney changes release date for next Star Wars film and all hell breaks loose with other movies jumping around to new dates News section



2 more 'Mad Max' movies to come out



4 more 'Transformers' movies over the next 10 years





'Pacific Rim 2' delayed indefinitely


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Disney preparing live-action 'Aladdin' prequel


Warner Bros announces sequel to Project X movie


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  Sony signs 5 picture deal with Valiant comics; expect 2 movies with Bloodshot and 2 with Harbinger, the final movie combines the two in Harbinger Wars. First movie to be released in 2017 by the team that produced the Fast & Furious series.


 Big news from Universal: Fast & Furious coming out in April 2017; Fifty Shades of Grey sequels: Fifty Shades Darker out in February 2017 and Fifty Shades Freed out in February 2018.




  Plot for first "anthology" Star Wars movie revealed, Star Wars: Rogue One set for release in December 2016 centers around a group planning to steal death star plans and takes place between episode III and IV


Disney adding to live action movies with Pinocchio


Disney developing live action Mulan movie


Warner Bros announces big slate of movies based on DC comics, plus 3 new Harry Potter spin-off movies and 3 Lego movies


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